PAe - presented the report of Activities of the centre Cryptologic 2015-2016 National
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Submitted to the report of the centre Cryptologic 2015-2016 National

25 may 2017

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The Centre National Cryptologic (CCN), a branch of the national intelligence Centre (CNI), has submitted its report in the 2015-2016 Activity that takes stock of two years of work.

During this period the cybersecurity has located between the main concerns of governments and institutions around the world and more detailed main threats in the document have grown at a dizzying pace.

The Report of activity 2015-2016 (Opens in new window) reflects the main actions taken in the past two years in the field of security of cyberspace and the protection of sensitive information, both the public english businesses of strategic interest for the country and the systems that manage classified information.

The report combines all the work of the NCC during the years 2015 and 2016 in the field of training and awareness-raising (6,130 officials and employees trained in person and more than €20.2 pupils in online courses); the development, certification and promotion of safe technology; the development of a set of rules, procedures and technical guidelines (273 Guides CCN-STIC) and in its capacity for prevention, detection, response and recovery, highlighted in the CCN-CERT (Opens in new window) .

Such capacity resulted in the management, in only two years, a total of 39.172 ciberincidentes in public sector organisations and companies of strategic interest, 1,050 were catalogued with a critical “ dangerousness ” or “ very high ”. And it did so owing to improvements in coordination mechanisms and systems of alerts of vulnerabilities and threats, attacks or attacks.

The milestones of the certification body (OL) of the safety of products and systems; the role of the NCC since the year 2010 in the development and implementation of national security Scheme (NHIS) and national evaluation capacities and product certification of figure are other issues addressed in this report.

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