PAe - Accessions for REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS and electronic platform EELL CONSERVATIONISTS/ORVE as a mechanism for access to Electronic Register and SIR
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Adhesiones electrónicas para CCAA y EELL a la plataforma GEISER/ORVE como mecanismo de acceso al Registro Electrónico y al SIR

06 July 2017

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Has been published in the BOE resolution of 3 May 2017, the secretariat of state of public function, which sets the conditions for these accessions.

The REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS and EELL interested in accessing the system of Interconnection of records (SIR), to make electronic exchange of registration between administrations can use this legal instrument recently published for a service in the cloud that will allow them to join the community SIR.

Use this free service allows the implementation of the law 39/2015 on registries.

The processing time all entries in the exchanged by SIR drastically reduces and savings for each transaction processed electronically is estimated at EUR 4.

Since the entry into operation of SIR:

  • There have exchanged over 3,900,000 electronic seats.
  • There are 2,380 integrated registration offices
  • 90% Of accompanying documentation to the seats goes digitized
  • Currently are integrated into SIR:
    • REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS except the Basque Country and Navarre
    • 1.1 EELL
    • The General Administration of the state

member governments to SIR

Local coverage - SIR
  % Population % EELL integrated
March 9.25% 1.50%
Canarian 100.00% 100.00%
Lion Catillano and % 46.49 % 12.80
The Stain Catillano 37,72% 16.4%
Madrid 100.00% 100.00%
Valence % 38.84 % 5.89
Extremadura 63,67% 41,40%
Galicia 31,94% % 9.87
The Rioja 67,73% % 6.90
Asturias % 73.90 61,54%
Murcia 75% 80.00%
Andalucian marvel USD 4.61% 1.03%
Balearic Islands 0.99% 1.54%

In the BOE has been published Resolution of 3 May 2017 (Opens in new window) , which sets the conditions for the accession of the autonomous communities and local entities to the SONG/ORVE platform, as a mechanism for access to electronic register and the network system records.

The details for the accession electronic can find in the Download area of the solution SIR the CTT.

  • Common infrastructure and services
General access point
General access point