PAe - has been published version 2.0 of the system FIRe, evolution of Cl@ve component Signature
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Se ha publicado la versión 2.0 del Sistema FIRe, evolución del componente Cl@ve Firma

05 july 2017

logo FIRe

FIRe is a comprehensive solution of electronic signature means simplifying all the requirements for signatures based both in local certificates and certificates in the cloud

Thanks to FIRe applications no longer have to manage the components of the signatures as Miniapplet, Self-Signature Key or Signature and might focus on your business as all questions relating to the signature are delegated to FIRe.

The solution FIRe consists of two components:

  • El API FIRe son librerías que se integran en las aplicaciones que necesitan servicios de realización de firmas. Estas librerías permiten conectarse al servidor FIRe y se ofrecen en los lenguajes JAVA, PHP y .Net.
  • The Server FIRe is a central component of the solution and contains the intelligence that allows the user the choice of method of signature and the realization of the signatures, using both certificates in local and certificates in the cloud. For signature at local levels, the server FIRe includes @firma Miniapplet of and adaptation to Self-signature. The signature in the cloud, FIRe it connects Cl@ve Signature service provided by the GISS and Pgd.

Próximas versiones del componente van a permitir la conexión a nuevos proveedores de firma en la nube.

You can find all the information in the FIRe solution of the PTT.

The applications already integrated in Cl@ve Signature can migrate directly to the central component of FIRe as it implements the connection of Cl@ve Signature (API v 1.0).

However, if they wish to take advantage of new features added to FIRe as the signing of lots and signature using local certificate with Miniapplet and Self-Signature should migrate to the new API v 2.0.

The documentation of FIRe only contains the information and specifications of the new API v 2.0.

  • Identity and electronic signature
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