PAe - Presented the guide on Open Data with guidelines for local entities
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Submitted the guide on Open Data with guidelines for local entities

06 July 2017

The FEMP has submitted the guide on Open Data with guidelines for local entities; a document that aims at the opening of data and reuse for all local administrations.

Openness and transparency to add value to information and institutions that generate, are a key that has been moving, since its creation in 2015, to the network of Local Entities for transparency and citizen participation, FEMP (Opens in new window) , the same network that has presented in Madrid the Open Data guide (Opens in new window) , one more step in the process of transparency and openness of information of local entities, which are reflected patterns councils to submit their data in the most appropriate manner, useful and efficient for their use and reuse by citizens and other institutions and agencies.

With this, the Local administration is again, again, as a spearhead the rest of administrations in everything that has to do with data open and use of new technologies to offer publicly their information and thus offer new opportunities for economic growth. This has been found during the presentation of the text organized by the FEMP, ESADE and PwC.

In this quote, has been present the president of the network, and Mayor of Elche, Carlos González, which referred to the guide as an essential step for local governments as “ les va afford a reference on how to open their data and, moreover, move in transparency and citizen participation and, above all we will make it possible to reusable data serve to favor the sector that puts them in value and becomes an opportunity to economic growth ”. In their opinion, with the guide provides “ a fundamental step from the standpoint of participation and from the economic point of view. ”

The Guide on open Data (Opens in new window) it is available for download, has been developed by a working group of the network, composed of various technical responsible councils, reflects what its drafters qualified as “ the itinerary of work on the opening of data and reuse for all local authorities ”.

Commitment to transparency and open data

In the presentation underlined the commitment of the Local administration with citizenship, a commitment, for many, greater than that of other public administrations by the proximity to the citizens of their Local governments. And in this context, it is the right of citizens to know what your Municipality, how and how much it costs, a right which translates into the municipal obligation to be transparent.

Therefore, since the FEMP and from the network has been working for local governments to Spaniards, so that, regardless of their size, aware of their responsibilities in terms of transparency, have the tools to its development and, finally, it carried out. The guide, the first of these characteristics, is the result of this responsibility of the federation and selfless labour municipal technicians that are pooling their experiences.

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