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The contest awards Sharing & Reuse

24 february 2017

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Prizes will be delivered during the conference on Sharing & Reuse of 29 march in Lisbon.

The aim of the awards of Sharing & Reuse of the european commission is to raise awareness of the benefits of sharing and reuse of ict solutions in the public sector.

A total of 100,000 €will be handed over to government agencies which have reached benefits through the sharing of ict solutions and have a potential for a broader reuse in europe.

17 ICT solutions in the pre-selected

The european commission has announced the first results of the contest Sharing & Reuse. A total of 118 requests were received, of which 96 had met the eligibility criteria. The evaluation committee (consisting of four subcommittees) shortlisted 17 best solutions in 4 categories. The applications submitted were evaluated in the design of the solution, governance, impact/outcome, degree of reuse and sustainability.

The public announcement of the winners will take place during the awards ceremony at the conference on Sharing & Reuse of 29 march in lisbon, Portugal. Over 15,000 awards and 10,000 €respectively for the first and second qualifying teams in each category. The solutions in third and fourth place will receive a certificate of excellence. All public administrations which have been shortlisted will be given the opportunity to present its solution during the conference. Registration is open until 22 march.

Within the set of pre-selected 4 solutions come from Spain:

  • gvSIG Desktop, geographic information system free (Generalitat Valenciana)
  • Sentilo, platform of sensors and actuators designed for an enabling SmartCity (Is Formed. Barcelona)
  • REGWEB records management, accounts from entry and exit of a body (government of the balearic islands)
  • SEDIPUALBA, set of common services for a complete digital administrative management (diputación de Albacete)

If you wish, please refer to the rest of pre-selected solutions (Opens in new window) sorted by category.

  • Centre for technology transfer