PAe - The Xunta extended the catalogue of digital services to municipalities in order to facilitate the adaptation law 39/2015
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The Regional Government extended the catalogue of digital services to municipalities in order to facilitate the adaptation law 39/2015

27 january 2017

The director of the AMTEGA pointed out that will be made available at local entities tools provided by the new law as electronic notifications or Digital archive.

The director of the agency for technological upgrading of Galicia ( AMTEGA (Opens in new window) ), made this morning that the regional government is working on a new agreement with the Galician Federation of municipalities and provinces of Galicia ( FEGAMP (Opens in new window) ) to expand the catalogue of digital services to the administration of the municipalities. The aim of this cooperation is to facilitate the adaptation of local entities to the new Law 39/2015 (Opens in new window) , which required the electronic procedure is the common and not the exception in the administrations.

This agreement will enhance cooperation to the regional government launched in 2009 with the FEGAMP to boost electronic administration in municipalities, by providing access to new digital services of the regional government in this area as electronic notifications or Digital archive.

Digital administration

The director of AMTEGA stressed that the digitalization of the administration is one of the objectives of the Digital Agenda 2020, and that Galicia has a part of the measures required by law 39/2015 and 40/2015, which entered into force last october. In this regard, he stressed that the gallegos already can apply for electronic notifications with the administration, through the system Notific@ that, once fully implemented, will save eur 2 million compared to the notice on paper.

He also noted that the Regional Government deployed at 2015 with the beijing platform for interoperability Pasaxe! (Opens in new window) with about 40 certificates available, which bypasses the citizens of the submission of documents already are on file with the Administration. The entry into operation of new services at headquarters and in the certificate file, or the digitization of the records are other measures already in progress.

Justice, education, culture, tourism and welfare

Together with the consolidation of electronic administration, the director of AMTEGA recalled that the Digital Agenda established by the road map to digitize other essential public services such as justice, education or welfare.

In the judicial area, the Agency responsible for the autonomous communities, indicated that the objective is to make progress in implementation of the electronic case file with the action Plan 2020 Path of spreading the introduction of technological equipment, and spare EXE key. In the field of education, will spread digital classrooms at all primary schools and baccalaureate, that in the framework of the project Abalar. The main actions covered in the social sphere are the consolidation of Social History Única Electronics, which already has nearly 400,000 stories, and progress in the model of The Digital Home.

Digitization of tourism and Cultural Heritage

Respect for the tourism, one of the strategic sectors for Galicia, progress was made that the Plan Smarturismo will seek to consolidate the use of the technology platform, already constructed, which facilitates communication and collaboration with the industry and develop new services for tourist offices and hostels of Camino de Santiago.

In the field of culture, the director of the AMTEGA who this year will launch a new course of action linked to the Memory of Galicia Digital, an initiative to digitize all tangible and intangible heritage of the community, with the integration of new funds in Galiciana and evolution of resource cataloging archives, libraries and museums.

Modernization of the primary sectors

In the primary sector, in 2017, move ahead in two lines of Primare programme with the development of a platform for value-added services to farmers, but also to the administration and with the modernization of management processes and marketing in the manufacture of Galicia.

Ict Sector, tractor element of digitalisation

Finally, the director of the AMTEGA stressed that the development of all these initiatives to home rule authority has the collaboration of the ict sector, which is “ partner ” Galicia Digital Agenda (Opens in new window) objective and also of its actions to strengthen the rule of law as essential driver of the digitization of the rest of the productive sectors.

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