PAe - New version of the report diagnostic service
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New version of the report diagnostic service

01 september 2016

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It has deployed a new version of the diagnostic service from the changes suggested by members of the community through the forum for collaboration.

It has undertaken a remodelling of the reports issued by the Observatory of Web Accessibility, both of the officers in the iterations, as those that referred to the diagnostic service online.

The information reflected does not change substantially but the way in which it is presented in the document., among other changes, the inclusion of new tables that will reduce the size of the report maintains the same information, but submitted in aggregate form, the methodology as an annex to the report, etc.

All these changes have been possible thanks to the active participation of members of the Community of Accessibility , which we would like to thank and encourage from here to continue to share their knowledge and input, essential to improving service and that all members of the community will end up benefiting from it.

It should be remembered that these days it's official iteration is planned for the end of august and whose results will be distributed in september. The reports obtained already incorporated these further improvements.

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