PAe - Migration of the form of associated directories
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Migration of the form of associated directories

24 june 2016

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It has revised the integration of the land of the CTT search engine with the rest of directories of applications belonging to other administrations.

In accordance with the provisions of articles 45 and 46 of law 11/2007 of electronic access of citizens to public services, and considering further articles 157 and 158 of act no. 40 of 2015, in The Legal Regime of the public Sector, the centre of transfer of technology to be the general directory of applications, is interconnected with the rest of directories of existing applications.

For ease of use, has been migrated its functionality with a new environment, fully integrated within the CTT technologically and PAe and have also been revised and updated the processes of russian directories with all partners.

In particular, the federated directories are:

The rest of regional administrations have chosen not to create your own infrastructure and directly used the centre of transfer of technology to offer their reusable solutions.

Therefore, through the the CTT federal form you can find more than 550 reusable solutions by public authorities at both state, regional and local levels.

In addition, the CTT is governed by the portal JOINUP (Opens in new window) the european equivalent instrument managed by the european commission with funding from the ISA programme , which will serve as a tool of support for the policy of reuse, share and collaborate in open sources, assets and other semantic interoperability solutions The public administrations. federation of the PTT with JOINUP (Opens in new window) in addition to ADMS-AP (Opens in new window) that has also developed the european commission.

Thanks to the latter, through the form of JOINUP (Opens in new window) we can find all the solutions provided on the PTT, together with other assets available at european level.

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