PAe - two in three courts are already working in electronic form
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Two of every three courts are already working in electronic form

08 july 2016

Digital Justice works in all provincial capitals and major towns that are the responsibility of the Ministry, reducing the time of processing of documents from 60 to 19 days and saving more than 250 million. From 1 january 2017 the rest of operators, please also electronically.

Yesterday, 7 july marked the period of five years that the law 18/2011, of 5 july, regulating the use of information in the administration of justice gives the public administrations with competences in Justice to ensure that the office of administration of the means necessary for the electronic processing procedures.

To deal with this mandate, the ministry of justice has available from the past 22 february 2016, the solution that Justice is, to provide judicial headquarters of the autonomous communities managed by the ministry of the means for bringing the judicial process. These offices have a system of processing in the communications (requests, submissions, notifications and official status files), signature, viewing and consultation of documents and archives, is Entirely digital, so that it has eliminated the role of the process and provided greater guarantees to all legal acts.

Implementation began in the headquarters of Cáceres and today the headquarters of the capitals and major towns in the region of Murcia, balearic islands, castile La-Mancha, castile and león, Extremadura, Ceuta and Melilla are working in full in digital format with the electronic case file, which is 68 per cent of the courts under the ministry who reach 65% of cases.

Thus, 70 per cent of writing to be submitted electronically, the number of documents with digital signature is now 472.707, have been displayed 126.370 files in electronic format and 90 per cent of the courts have the tool that allows them to receive on-line, the records of the public authorities. This has trained more than 3,700 users of the Scope of the Ministry among judges, lawyers of the administration of justice and officials who daily are working in digital format in the courts with these tools.

The second phase of implementation will make in the coming months, the rest of the office of administration and public prosecutors in the Area of competence of the ministry dealt with the procedures in full in digital mode. The process will culminate with the entry into force of the next milestone marked by the law 42/2015 of reform of the Civil proceedings act, which obliges the rest of operators who communicate with the law (The state security and police forces, health centres, local police, corrections, etc.) to do so electronically from 1 january next year.

In addition, through the Technical Committee of the Electronic Judicial Administration (CTEAJE) the ministry of justice has been coordinated with the autonomous communities concerned, which has facilitated the tools in order to introduce justice digital. Similarly, has endowed with an additional six million euros to support their policies for technological upgrading of justice.

Six months of electronic communications

Since 1 january to 30 june 2016 had been considered in electronic form about 38 million communications are 32.972.922 notifications, representing a 22 per cent more than the previous year; 3.945.583 written procedure, a 219 per cent over the same date of 2015; and demands a 802.277, 541% more than in the same period last year.

This system has managed to reduce the time devoted to activities that relate to reporting and notification of documents of 60 days to 19. In Addition To regular proceedings has been cost savings in travel, time and role in the amount of €258.908.250 has improved accessibility to justice to have increased by 25 per cent the demands placed on holiday and a pooling 586 per cent in the afternoon and evening.

These initiatives joined other equally beneficial to citizens and the electronic communication births to civil records from health centres and the electronic judicial auction. All of them, bets from the Ministry for Justice, a digital open and innovative.

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