PAe - the registry service GEISER has exceeded 700,000 registration exchanged with other administrations through SIR
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The registry service GEISER has exceeded 700,000 registration exchanged with other administrations through SIR

23 february 2016


With an average of nearly 10,000 seats per week since its entry into production in 2014, GEISER consolidates itself as the implementation of integrated registration in SIR with a higher growth rate in the beijing platform of record linkage (SIR).

To this day GEISER was the registration of reference for the administration of the state, after he was designated as Shared service. (Opens in new window)

GEISER amounts to €2,800,000 savings thanks to the abolition of the role in the exchange of registration among government agencies through the system of record linkage (SIR). The average rate of digitization of registration made GEISER in SIR is 86 per cent and is expected to continue to improve.
In addition to the shipments through the platform SIR in GEISER occur internal exchanges among its record offices, which abolishes the dispatch of the role of the registration.
In addition to the economic savings electronic registration means greater efficiency in management. This is carried out electronically exchanges, the reception at destination is produced few minutes after shipment in origin. The estimated savings in the electronic processing of a transaction is 4 euros if it is digitized the accompanying documentation.

The main users of the implementation GEISER are delegations and Branches of government, undersecretariat of MINHAP and secretary of state of Public administration. Other users are the ministry of Employment and Social security, the directorate-General, the National institute of public administration, the official gazette, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, the agency for Assessment and Quality of services, the council of transparency and good governance, The Vehicles of the state, the Spanish Institute of oceanography, the Underground Lab, Canfranc, University of Zaragoza and soon the following ministries: Industry, energy and tourism; Foreign affairs and cooperation; Justice, and the public employment service, the society in State General of The civil service and Energy Research centre, environmental and technological environment.

Other applications of integrated registration in the common platform, as SIR ORVE certified or complete the picture of digitized exchange of registration with over 1,500,000 registration exchanged by SIR, resulting in more than eur 5 million of savings.

More information on the solution GEISER in the cst.

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