PAe changes in the infrastructure and services of the PTT
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Changes in the infrastructure and services of the PTT

22 april 2016

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The directory of solutions to the PTT, integrated into the PAe, facilitate downloading packages distribuibles software. The collaborative development solutions from GITHUB may be.

We are making various changes and improvements in infrastructure and services offered by the cst with the aim of simplifying the use of the PTT, both in terms of end-user manager as solutions. This optimizing available resources and facilitating public outreach and partnership.

Infrastructure Directory of solutions to the PTT integrated PAe, will be responsible for the piece to support downloading packages from source code, i.e. distribuibles versions of products released that in some cases had been taking place since the forge -ctt. downloads of the projects are already available in the new environment, as is the case OF @firma client , INSIDE , ARCHIVE , @doc the whole beijing platform for electronic administration of the government of aragón , SAID , etc. but, in order to facilitate the transition will be kept temporarily in both settings.

With this change, the solutions in the CTT pass have all its contents grouped into the environment by simplifying the CTT-PAe maintenance by the users and administrators also the use by potential recipients who are unified whole.

The environment of PTT has incorporated new functionalities in order to improve its operational.

  • For each "" folder inside the download area for a solution can be made available:
    • Acceptance of licensing conditions before downloading
    • Provision of contact data through a form of a person who download without a registered user.
  • A download can contain several elements that can be downloaded files or links.
  • Subscription options by email to be kept informed of developments and changes in the download area for a solution.
  • The administrators of solutions available for each of its solutions, the section reports with statistical information on approaches and downloads of such a solution.
  • 2 additional tabs optional and configurable in name, visibility and contents.

Those solutions that want to build colaborativ development community or around your solution or free software project, is available forge -CTT organization (Opens in new window) within a large public collaborative environment GitHub. Within this space, it will be possible to create "" repositories where manage the source code of the solution developed into a collaborative environment for the high and consult, and a wiki associated with that repository. Its location within a large public repository will make it possible to increase the visibility of these solutions within the scope of free software.

During the coming weeks will be addressing the various changes and pending migration will consolidate the service.

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