PAe - New technical note OBSAE. Record linkage between public administrations
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New technical note OBSAE. Record linkage between public administrations

24 september 2015


Towards a paperless Administration.

Administrative complexity of Spain gives the citizen the need to interact with various public administrations in terms of competition. There is no doubt that the administration closer to the people are the over 8,000 Local Entities. Together with Autonomous communities and General state administration, it is estimated that there are more than 20,000 registration offices of the various Public administrations.

For the administrations, the referral of the documentation provided by the citizen in their offices to other public administrations creates an estimated direct costs by using traditional mechanisms (cash couriers, mail, motorista, etc.).

Through the creation of appropriate technological and legal scenario, it has articulated the electronic interconnection of public records between the offices of the different public administrations. This will remove the barriers arising from the territorial organization and the division of competences in better service to citizens and economic savings can be temporary and that benefit all actors involved.

For more information, please see the new technical note OBSAE: Record linkage between administrations: towards management without papers.

More information on solutions of the PTT: Beijing platform for record linkage (SIR) , GEISER (integrated management of registration) , ORVE (Virtual Office of The Register) and SICRES 3.0    

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