PAe - publication of the standard for Digital File student at the PTT
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Publication of the standard for Digital File student at the PTT

08 october 2015

The INTEF has published in the cst is the data model Digital File. The purpose of this publication is to draw the attention and offering data scheme established by the INTEF those administrations or institutions who wish to use. This system stored digitally the record of the pupil of the non-university levels.

The INTEF (Opens in new window) the National Institute of Educational Technologies and teacher training colleges, is the unity of the Ministry of education, culture and Sport responsible for integrating ict into the non-university education.

Within the technology infrastructure (Opens in new window) the INTEF, some are intended to connectivity of academics and others designed to provide interoperability and standards in the educational management systems; in the area of Educational interoperability (Opens in new window) projects relating to interoperability and educational standards as interoperability node (registration centres, student id, digital file, neutral point) and are equipped with the office of interoperability to support the development and implementation of these initiatives.

The data model The pupil's Digital file they have shared in the CTT storing digitally the record of the student of non-university levels. The aim is to facilitate the exchange of data between the different educational administrations, thereby expediting the procedures for transfer and mobility of students and teachers throughout the national territory. In this regard and in the same line of work, but for the european university level has been drawn up electronic model (called e-set) of Supplement to the Title that is also available in the cst.

The objectives of the Digital File of the Students are:

  • Secure storage and management of the Digital Identity of the student and teacher.
  • Allow generate electronic certification, baremación and transfer requirements for the administrations, managers and education authorities.
  • Enable interoperability between administrations (central, regional and local levels), avoiding duplication of information, management and competencies.

In the '' of Área Downloads PTT is available Digital File of pupils as active reusable semantic. this can be downloaded in two ways. As semantic active lead to a page where download XSD schemes, a descriptive document data model and an XML file example Digital File. If we open it up with the second option 'XSDs in the centre of Semantic Interoperability (ICSE)' we will see the schemes through the viewfinder that provides the centre of Semantic Interoperability (so-called Semantic Asset manager)

  • Interoperability
  • Centre for technology transfer


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