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Publicación del estándar de Expediente Digital del Alumno en el CTT

08 October 2015

El INTEF ha publicado en el CTT el modelo de datos del Expediente Digital del Alumno. La finalidad de esta publicación es poner en conocimiento y ofertar el esquema de datos creado por el INTEF a todas aquellas administraciones o entidades que lo quieran utilizar. Este sistema almacena de forma digital el expediente del alumno de los niveles educativos no universitarios.

The INTEF (Opens in new window) , the National Institute of educational technologies and teacher training courses, is the unit of the ministry of education, culture and sport responsible for the integration of the TIC in stages non-university education.

Within the technological infrastructure (Opens in new window) que desarrolla el INTEF, unas van orientadas a la conectividad de centros docentes y otras destinadas a aportar interoperabilidad y estándares en los sistemas de gestión educativos. Dentro del área de la Educational interoperability (Opens in new window) develop projects related to interoperability and educational standards as the node of interoperability (record of centers, student ID, file digital, neutral point) and equipped with the office of interoperability to support the development and implementation of these initiatives.

The data model of the Student's Digital file they have shared in the CTT can store digitally the file from the pupil of non-university levels. The aim is to facilitate the exchange of data between different educational Administrations, thereby accelerating transfer procedures and mobility of students and teachers throughout the national territory. In this sense and in the same line of work, but for the university level European, has developed a electronic model (called e-set) of European supplement to the title that is also available in the CTT.

The objectives of the student's Digital File are:

  • Secure storage and management of Digital identity of the student and teacher.
  • Enable generate electronic documents of certification, baremación and transfer required for administrations, managers and educational authorities.
  • Enable interoperability between administrations (central, regional and local), avoiding duplication of information, management and competences.

In the 'the Area CTT Downloads it is available the student's Digital File as an asset reusable semantic. Can be downloaded in two ways. As semantic active leads to a page where downloaded XSD schemes, a descriptive document of the data model and a file XML example of Digital File of the pupil. If you open with the second option 'XSDs in the centre of Semantic Interoperability (CISE) schemes' see through the viewfinder which provides the Semantic Interoperability Centre (called Semantic Asset manager)

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