PAe - available for consultation the Ict Strategy and shared services
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Available for consultation the Ict Strategy and shared services

05 october 2015

Made public for dissemination and consultation the Transformation of the Digital AGE, and documents related to the provision of shared services.

The council of ministers on october 2 Plan has been approved by the Digital Processing of the General state administration (AGE) and its agencies (Ict Strategy 2015-2020).

The Digital transformation Plan of the General state administration and its Agencies (Opens in new window) the ict strategy, is the global strategic framework for progress in the transformation of the administration, establishing its guiding principles, objectives and actions to achieve them, as well as milestones for the gradual development of the Digital Administration with a time horizon until 2020.

The ict strategy incorporates the oecd recommendations on the development of strategies of digital Administration and feeds on the close connection with acts, policies and services of the european union siding with the digital agenda in Spain (Opens in new window) and the new strategy of the european commission Digital Único market (Opens in new window) . It is a clear instrument for the implementation of new laws 39/2015, of 1 october, of Common Administrative Procedure of the public authorities (Opens in new window) and 40/2015, of 1 october, from The Legal Regime of the public Sector (Opens in new window) .

The Ict Strategy also configured the global strategic framework within which should be incardinarse sector-wide action plans that ministries should develop to promote digital transformation within its jurisdiction, together with the Ict.

The construction of the Ict Strategy has been driven from the Directorate of information and communication technologies - DTIC since the end of the year 2014 after the adoption of the Royal Decree 806/2014 on organization and operational instruments of information and communication technologies in the General state administration and its Agencies.. Its gestation has been a collaborative process in which they have been involved from the different departments of the AGE through Governance created by royal decree quoted.

The ict strategy was submitted in Commission on Ict Strategy – CETIC on 15 september 2015. In this meeting, attended by representatives of all ministries at the highest level of responsibility, approved the submission to The council of ministers of the adoption of the Ict Strategy so that it has been finally adopted in the council of ministers on 2 october 2015.

One of the pillars of the Ict Strategy is the bet for a new model of provision of services more rational, articulated around the idea of shared services, compulsory and substitute for existing previously unique unless exceptions, and to the idea of common infrastructure in the field of information and communications technology. This figure, shared services, created by royal decree 806/2014, of 19 september, is one of the key operational instruments of the new ICT governance, and falls within the strategic objective 3 of the strategy “ increased efficiency in the provision of ict services ”, specifically the course of action 6 “ shared Providing common services ”

For these reasons, at its meeting on 15 september, the CETIC adopted two key documents to start providing shared services. This is the Regulatory framework for the statement of shared services (Opens in new window) and the first statement of 14 shared services (Opens in new window) .

  • Unified telecommunications service
  • Managed security service
  • Lodging service ICT infrastructure
  • Service hybrid cloud (Cloud SARA)
  • Email service unified
  • Multichannel service citizen
  • Management service of the register
  • Management service notifications
  • Management service payroll
  • Integrated management of staff
  • Common service económico-presupuestaria management
  • Joint service for the generation and validation of electronic signatures
  • Management service and electronic file
  • Management service electronic archive

Ultimately, the Ict Strategy adopted, together with the new model of shared services is a turning point in the management of ict in the General state administration to consolidate the progress made and laying the groundwork for future progress of the administration, a transformation that will generate improvements in effectiveness, efficiency, savings and transparency quantitatively and qualitatively significant.

  • Electronic services
  • Interadministrativa cooperation