PAe - approved the Plan of Digital Processing of the General state administration (Ict Strategy)
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Approved the Plan of Digital Processing of the General state administration (Ict Strategy)

05 october 2015

The ict strategy, in its time horizon 2015-2020, improve the activity of the administration, making it simple and efficient manner.

The council of ministers of 2 october has approved the Plan of Digital Processing of the General state administration (AGE) and its agencies (Ict Strategy 2015-2020), as agreed in the committee on information technology strategy and communication technologies held on 15 september 2015.

This strategy derives from the royal decree of 2014 on organization and operational instruments of information and communication technologies in the AGE and their Government Agencies, as well as measures CORA, accounting for global strategic framework for progress in the transformation of the administration to establish its guiding principles, objectives and actions to achieve them, as well as milestones for the gradual development of the administration.

This project responds to new demands of society, providing information and digital services at any time, wherever and by different channels, generating new forms of relationship with the people by providing opportunities for business and innovation in services, while leveraging the opportunities that provide information and Communications.

Digital transformation by 2020

The Ict Strategy raises the digital processing before 2020, it incorporates the recommendations of the oecd and the european commission's strategy for the market Único Digital. Moreover, it is a clear tool for the implementation of new laws on administrative procedure and Common Legal regime for Public administrations.

Its goal is to configure the plans of ministries to undertake digital transformation within its purview to reach a new service delivery model more rational, articulated around the idea of shared services, compulsory and to replace the existing ones, without exception. In Addition, develops the idea of common infrastructure in the field of information and Communications.

In the first statement of shared services, adopted by the Commission have included ICT services, some 14 already in operation and others in the process of implementation:

  • Unified telecommunications service
  • Managed security service
  • Lodging service ICT infrastructure
  • Service hybrid cloud (Cloud SARA)
  • Email service unified
  • Multichannel service citizen
  • Management service of the register
  • Management service notifications
  • Management service payroll
  • Integrated management of staff
  • Common service económico-presupuestaria management
  • Joint service for the generation and validation of electronic signatures
  • Management service and electronic file
  • Management service electronic archive

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