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Strategic Plan for the E-government 2015-2018 in Castilla La-Mancha

31 march 2015

With this strategic Plan, which includes four areas is to continue to facilitate the relationship of citizens and businesses with the administration.

The strategic Plan for the E-government 2015-2018 in Castilla La Mancha (Opens in new window) it has been presented on the 27th march in Toledo. This initiative has 95 measures and is born of an assessment of the plans of actions supporting entrepreneurs, administrative streamlining and implementation of electronic administration, which have been developed since june 2011 to 2014.

The president of Castilla La Mancha has emphasized that, thanks to this plan, which has already begun to develop and to the remaining stages for putting into practice, “ we have moved to have a more modern Administration, with fewer barriers and more accessible ”. Proof of this, has continued, is that in our region today, there are a thousand less than in 2011. It also emphasizes that currently 60 per cent of the procedures are fully computerized compared to 25% of 2011, and in the startup phase are computerized one hundred percent. Also stresses that the measures outlined have indirect resulted almost €650 million according to the standards established by the oecd.

The Strategic Plan has a budget of eur 120 million from 2015 to 2018 and rests on four areas: Digital Administration, administration, Open and collaborative Management and administration Prepared and sustainable, whose actions are based on prioritizing the deployment of the ultra-high-speed broadband in line with what is laid down in the european Agenda. In order to achieve this, Cospedal has stated that the regional government allocated to this Plan an investment of eur 35 million.

With regard to each of the four main areas, the president has noted that the “ Digital administration provides that citizens can pursue their efforts in a single click. This means that you can download recreational hunting and fishing licenses; enrolment in schools; or the establishment of the office of The Agrarian Land Portal, so that farmers can continue the processing of the cap aid viewed.

The second axis, administration easy, it proposes the establishment of Mobile Office space, which would be made available to businesses, free of charge, a set of web applications.

In addition, the open and collaborative Administration provides for the establishment of the folder of health, which will facilitate the consultation of clinical information staff of each citizen.

The last axis, the so-called Prepared and sustainable Management, will implement, inter alia, the clinical Report emergencies, very useful for health personnel because that will allow the positioning of the information of the patient from ambulances, before reaching the hospital.

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