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Open the convening of the European Awards of the public Sector EPSA 2015

23 march 2015

Until april 17, may be passed on the awards EPSA 2015 organized by the european institute of Public Administrations EIPA.

The EPSA awards (European Awards of the public Sector) (Opens in new window) organized by the european institute of Public Administrations (EIPA) is held every two years and who meet the most innovative initiatives and efficient public sector in europe. Has been convened the edition of 2015, under the slogan "The Public Sector as a partner to a better society" and the deadline for nominations is open until 17 april.

The slogan, the awards EPSA 2015 seek those cases in fact promoted from the public sector in europe to adopt a model of integrated and participatory governance for the provision of public services, that increase the effectiveness and efficiency in the context of maintaining social cohesion, which presented innovative approaches to governance and leadership, as well as the public finances or intelligent action by governments to promote economic growth.

The changes towards more collaborative work of the development of new approaches, since the design to the provision of services, taking into account healthy public finances and new models of leadership, can be found in many administrations at all levels of government. The prizes EPSA 2015 aim to reward excellence in public administrations and public innovative behind cases reflecting this "new" role in society and are finding innovative solutions for the provision of public services by ensuring that social inclusion based their decisions.

All levels of public administration can participate. EPSA 2015 will present the awards in two different categories according to the level of the administration:

  • Category 1: Projects/cases presented by the organizations of the european level, national or regional level
  • Category 2: cases/projects submitted by organizations from supralocal or local level.

In addition, a third prize will be delivered to a project or the event of exceptional success - select between the two categories - with a significant cross-cutting perspective, for example, cross-border, interadministrativo, intersectoral, etc.

In addition to the above-mentioned three prizes, certificates of best practices to a set of bills that have attained the highest ratings in each category.

  • Interadministrativa cooperation