PAe - Moderate progress of e-government in 2014 in the entities and basque public sector
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Moderate progress of e-government in 2014 in the entities and basque public sector

15 june 2015

The 39.8 per cent, of the processes and procedures of the administrations and basque public companies run entirely by The Internet, more than 4 tenths in 2013. Gipuzkoa maintains the head of the supply of electronic administration, Álava adds 4 points the Contents and Bizkaia remains unchanged.

The Electronic sophistication Índice 2014, statistics of a sample managed by the department of public administration and justice for the basque government, measured the evolution and main features of electronic administration from the perspective of supply in all public administrations and companies from tolosa.

More than half of formalities and procedures that offer the public sector vasco – 59.4 per cent - correspond to the municipalities, 15.4 per cent to “ juntas forales ” election, 12.7 per cent to the basque government, while 12.5 per cent relates to other public entities such as, for example, autonomous bodies, university, public corporations, etc.

Two out of five procedures may also be carried out entirely by The Internet, about two fifths (the 38.4 per cent), permitted or download the forms, or even, cumplimentarlos and send them electronically. In 21.8 per cent was only offers information.

For territories, the public administrations from gipuzkoa allow Internet handled in a complete 45 per cent of the total number of processes and procedures offered, along with a ranking Bizkaia 36.9 per cent and Álava with 29.3 per cent. The Latter occupied higher in 4 percentage points, Gipuzkoa 1.6 points and Bizkaia, following the pattern, barely varies.

E-government for the whole vasco has increased between 2013 and 2014 its Índice of Sophistication in 4 tenths, offering to 39.4 per cent of its administrative procedures completely via on-line.

The moderate progress of electronic administration, in virtually all basque public entities, partly because the procedures and formalities with greater demand are already available via the Internet and, by reduced frequency of use, it is less efficient or cost-effective its mechanization.

On the other hand, strong growth in recent years, as well as lessons learned in this area, had led to a number of public bodies to review and readjust its subparagraphs e-government, rather than to continue to grow.

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