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New subscription options CTT's solutions.

17 July 2015

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Any user can subscribe to the solutions of the desired CTT and receive in your email, besides news, updates and additions of documents in the Download area.

The weekly newsletter PAe distribuye por correo electrónico un agregado de las noticias destacadas de PAe y de soluciones del CTT, los próximos eventos de administración electrónica y una selección de twitters destacados enviados desde nuestra cuenta oficial @obsae (Opens in new window) .

To complement this newsletter and adapt to new needs that we have been demanding, the has been improved management module's solutions subscriptions CTT . As Well we intend to improve communication channels specific to each solution offering a more proactive response to our end users.

La gestión de suscripciones a soluciones del CTT tendrá las siguientes características:

  • The subscription to a solution will be done individually en cada solución. Esta opción estará disponible en la pestaña "general" de todas las soluciones. También es posible acceder directamente en http://administracionelectronica.gob.es/ctt/ # subscriptions.
  • The sending of subscriptions will take place daily . Para cada solución a la que se encuentre suscrito se recibirá un único correo acumulando todos los cambios realizados en ese día para esa solución. Si no existen cambios no se recibirá ningún correo electrónico.
  • The subscription included for each solution:
    • The news that have been discharged in such a solution.
    • The changes in documents of the download area :
      • High will be notified of new files (downloads) and modifications of files (updates involving rise in a new file)
      • Notify not verbatim changes of folders, descriptions, names of downloads, etc.
    • There is a link to the file to download it directly.
  • The suscripción a una solución se podrá realizar también por usuarios anónimos entering by internet, but only in this case they shall be declared content updates and public. Users with profile receive notifications administration itself on all changes in files, although can only download if identified in the system and you are connected through the network SARA.
  • Registered users in PAe may consult in aggregate form the solutions which are signed . For this once identified with his user in PAe, will be accessible in the top menu right to "Configuration" and in the new screen that appears will have to access "subscriptions".

Remember that to manage properly your subscriptions is essential to remain updated e-mail accounts associated with your users in PAe.

We hope that this new functionality you may be useful to improve the monitoring of all the solutions of CTT.

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