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Available the Digital Agenda 2020 Galician

20 july 2015

The Xunta de Galicia has submitted the final text of the Digital Agenda of Galicia by 2020.

The Xunta de Galicia announced last July 17 of the publication of the final text of the Digital Agenda of Galicia in the year 2020 (link to http://amtega.xunta.gal/axenda-dixital/) and hoped for an impetus to the technological modernization so that it is the catalyst for a thorough modernisation of the economy, society and the government gallegos. Moreover, this text has a clear objective: that no gallego is excluded from the technological and economic growth that results from It.

With the presentation of the Digital Agenda 2020 starts the week, Digital, on which the agency for technological upgrading of Galicia, AMTEGA, will implement four acts to elaborate on the axes of this text and "make your content accessible to everyone."

The new technology strategy of the board establishes the move towards an innovative digital Administration, promote advanced digital services in the field of welfare and health, and encourage the digitalación strategic business sectors. The Digital Agenda 2020 Galicia "mobilize over €1.5 billion", but above all, about "an investment in the future" "to provide customized services to new times, and to move towards a new economic situation and ensure the effective formatting Digital" Galicia.

The chief executive autonomic it appreciated the involvement of the spanish society and the economic and social partners in the "process of joint reflection" that led to the Digital Agenda 2020. It also noted that this is the continuation of efforts begun in 2009 with the Digital Agenda 2014.gal Galicia, which has contributed to the development of electronic administration, which had struggled to narrow the digital divide, which has developed specific programmes for the modernization of such sectors as agriculture, fisheries and tourism and has helped to reverse the prevailing inequality in access to telecommunications services.

The Latter objective was achieved through the implementation of the Plan of Broadband in Galicia, which now faces a new edition. This will allow the deployment of networks ultra-rápidas so that 100 per cent of the galician people have a coverage of at least 30 megabytes; and that 50 per cent of households have access to broadband services above 100 megabytes, always with the horizon 2020.

It also emphasized that the digital strategy of the board paved the way of Abalar project that resulted in Galicia has been pioneering in the implementation of the digital book and on the full integration of ict in educational practice.

"i am convinced that this text presented today is the first step in sustainable growth in the twenty-first century of Galicia", concluded the president of the board.

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