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The Ministry of the presidency published in the CTT @DOC, platform for paper and electronic brief EUPL under license.

25 february 2015

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@Doc allows client applications that are integrated into it easily incorporate much of the requirements of the Technical Standards for interoperability.

@Doc, developed by the ministry of the presidency, provided a platform for horizontal services of electronic file that allows the client applications that are integrated into it easily incorporate much of the requirements of the technical Interoperability of electronic brief, electronic catalogue of standards, digitization of documents, signature and certificates, copied, authentic and conversion, and data model for the exchange of seats between regional registry entities.

Given the great interest is subject, the ministry of the presidency has worked to achieve a product, that having been developed for the use of the ministry itself, could be provided to other public administrations for reuse. That is why it has conducted the process of releasing its source code ofreciéndolo the rest of the public administrations under license EUPL ( European Union Public License (Opens in new window) ) who is also the license recommended by the article 16 of the National Scheme for interoperability. Full source code and additional materials is available in the resolution In the CTT @DOC and in the forge of PTT: forge

The catalogue of @doc services is structured as follows: of insertion, update, deleted, reference works, generation of copies, life cycle of the file, including, electronic signature, Facturae, portafirmas electronic registration, and administration.

@Doc is designed to operate in an environment multiorganismo, so that it is possible to parameterize the behaviour of the beijing platform for each client. In addition, it is possible to integrate the platform with a management console (unreleased) that allows to operate by exploiting all web services that offers graphically, controlling the permissions of the user to access the electronic files of each client application and making the configuration and deployment of new client applications of the platform, as well as view and modify the settings for each client.

It incorporates a CMIS factory that facilitates the integration with other documentary managers comply with the same standard.

In the near future, the platform will be updated to offer integration with Notific@ the hub of requests for issuance of communications and notifications in a common format, which acts as intermediary in the requests sent to the center of the print AEAT (ITL). This integration will sending postcards and electronic notifications from any client application of @doc who need it.

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