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New version of the AEGEAN referencing

17 february 2015

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In this new version includes the georeferenced maps and magnitude and select the maps of the Instituto Geográfico Nacional or Google Maps.


Aegean is a service for referencing AAPP, accessible from the cloud of SARA Network, which allows the representation and display of any type of data referenced, without any technical implementation.

La nueva versión ya disponible para realizar pruebas de integración permite la representación de mapas temáticos (de áreas), georeferenciados (de localizaciones) y de magnitud (de valores localizados), tanto sobre mapas oficiales del Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN) como de Google Maps.

It also allows online translations postal addresses to coordinates for georeferenced maps and select the service of the IGN GoogleMaps or to perform translation. The user to download the file of translations and checks to be correct (or he must make modifications to greater accuracy) and after being judged the file to load.

Finally, this new version introduces the option of selecting the ozone layer, the display of the IGN or Google, creating the url to embed in external applications or to preview the map.

More information in the resolution AEGEAN

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