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New technical note of the Portal OBSAE Transparency.

26 january 2015

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The basis for active advertising information collected in the transparency act

The design and engineering design web Portal of Transparency, are the result of a partnership agreement between the ministry of the presidency and the ministry of finance and Public administrations. The project, has proved to be technologically complex, owing to the multiplicity of sources of information and the heterogeneity of the data models and schemes agreed interoperability for active “ publicity ”.

The "" active advertising is one part of public information, as established by law 19/2013, should be made available to citizens, in the transparency Portal, for its free consultation. The active publicity relates to:

  • Institutional information, organizational and planning
  • Legally irrelevant information
  • Economic, budgetary information and statistics

You can consult the new technical note OBSAE: Transparency Portal for more information.

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