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The council of Ciudad Real guarantees the implantation of electronic administration throughout the province

14 january 2015

The provincial member has submitted the catalogue of telematic services offered to all municipalities and citizenship.

Has highlighted the progressive increase of the comprehensive electronic processing and ensured that from 2010 to 2014 has been prepared in The Electronic a catalogue of administration services since it would be feasible "able to call from a registration certificate, a licence or to introduce an electronic invoice, saving time, without money, and reducing environmental costs inherent in the use of paper".

The system that drives the diputation has resulted in significant savings in recent months to local governments, entities and citizens more than €125,000. as an example, the member mentioned that in the first half of 2014, more than 95 per cent of documents, approximately 23,300, which has been presented in different departments and services are carried out through electronic signature. It has even nuanced-30 november last year, with regard to the check-out, documents, 48,800 95,23 per cent, have been signed electronically, which means that only 5 per cent 2,094 documents have been disposed of traditional form.

Other data that supports the implantation of electronic administration, as has highlighted the provincial member, is that, in the absence of accounting for the last month last year have 30,975 notifications, the 70,55 percent, through the tool "" Appearing, and that you have received through telematics 43.238 documents, the 58,78 percent. "A subject before us because there are still 30.324 documents received on paper", been lamenting the mep.

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