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The board of communities of Castilla La Mancha emphasizes the important progress in the region in the area of electronic administration.

08 january 2015

The assistant of the presidency and Public Administrations underlines that 80% of the businesses in the region are using the electronic administration and in figure eur 163 million in savings Castilla-La Mancha through the use of Electronic registration.

The assistant of the presidency and Public Administrations, sea Spain, has ensured that “ in only three and a half years we have had an important step in the area of e-administration because you can start one hundred per cent of the procedures through the Internet ”, which means that any company or any citizen may start with the board without having to travel to one of the information offices and registration of a presencial way.

The assistant has indicated that, at present, eight hundred of processes and procedures that are in place in the board of Communities can be managed electronically as a whole, not only the beginning of the proceeding.

“ these developments alone - you añadido-, result in savings in time, but also of money, for they each face procedure that turns in electronic represents a saving of eur 75 and only the use of electronic Registration has permitted the saving of eur 163 million in Castilla-La Mancha ”.

Moreover, has also reported that 80% of the businesses in the region are using the procedures of electronic administration provided by the board of communities and that 57 per cent of the records are received at the regional administration, more than two million documents throughout the year, recepcionan via the Internet.

This, in its opinion, clearly demonstrates that “ the citizens demand a modern administration, agile and efficient.

The signing of the convention between the government of Spain and the executive autonomic just a few months on the registry Virtual Entities (ORVE), has enabled the citizens of the region can start any action or electronic, irrespective of their geographical location or level of Administration.

The assistant has stated that the aim is to be able to extend the register ORVE to 919 municipalities in the region to “ any citizen of the region, since their municipality, can start any action with any of the administrations ”.

In this regard, has said that it works together with General Directorate of telecommunications services in a system for citizens to enter the e-government simply with a key, “ and that the same key to the citizen with the State to the procedures with the board of communities and to the portal citizen of the municipalities ”.

Finally, the presidency and assistant Public Administrations made reference to the transparency act, which is developing the regional government and has been noted that the electronic administration also entails “ transparency and control by the citizens of the management provided by the public authorities ”.

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