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Updating the Miniapplet and final version of the client signing

30 april 2015

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The client @firma has proceeded to the publication of two new versions of the products and customer miniapplet applet.

The client @firma is one of the products of the Suite @firma identification of solutions and electronic signature. it is provided to the public authorities to ensure that they have the necessary instruments for implementing the authentication and advanced electronic signature of a fast and effective.

The Client of signature is a tool of electronic signature in desktop environments and mobile devices, which operates in the form of Java Applet integrated into a Web page via JavaScript, as a desktop application, or as a mobile application, depending on the environment.

There has been the publication, both in the resolution cliente@firma the PAe and Forja-CTT (Opens in new window) in what has been liberated from the new update of customers of signature:

  • Miniapplet (v1.2u1)
  • Applet (v3.4) [final version]

In both cases, there have been changes in the generation of signatures in EPES format, especially in the case of electronic invoices (FacturaE).

From the day 20/05/2015, the platform of validated MINHAP @firma strictly observe the outline of this type of signature. In particular, will be validated the order of the elements included in the attribute .

The specifications XAdES 1.3.2 defined element "SignedSignatureProperties" as an ordered list of the following
all elements, with optional:

  • SigningTime
  • SigningCertificate
  • SignaturePolicyIdentifier
  • SignatureProductionPlace
  • SignerRole

From the date indicated, will be validated strictly to the occurrences of these elements are carried out in the order indicated.

In the case of using this format of signature, please upgrade to these versions prior to the 20/05/2015.

In addition, in version 3.4 client Applet signature, are also included improvements and bugfixes, giving rise to this publication to the final version of the product. This means that this component will not be evolved, although they will provide support for the same. For this reason, it is recommended migration to Miniapplet in applications that use the client Applet signature.

  • Identity and electronic signature
  • Security
  • Infrastructure and common services
  • Centre for technology transfer