BOE n mere 228 of 19/09/2014. BOE number 228 of 19/09/2014.


PAe - draft regulation of smart cities and open Data.
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Draft regulation of smart cities and open Data.

26 september 2014


The technical committee for on Intelligent Cities (AEN/CTN 178) – within the spanish association for Standardization and certification (AENOR), with the support of the secretariat of state of telecommunications and for the information society (SETSI) - has worked over the past several months in the project of “ smart cities. Open database ", as published in the BOE number 228 of 19/09/2014. (Opens in new window)

With the development of this rule is intended to facilitate the systematization of data projects open and improve their management. It is primarily intended to be a reference that will help define, document and implement open data projects.

This rule, a consensus among all parties concerned and involved, is established as a proven tool. It includes technical specifications based on the results of past experience and technological development, which will allow the public authorities to assess the degree of maturity of its project of open access, facilitating the implementation and continuous improvement, and guidance to be taken into consideration all those aspects which have an impact on sustainability, quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the project.

Upon its publication in 19 september and until 29 october, a process of public consultation which can give feedback to the text of the rule with the aim of improving it.

Anyone interested can issue comments to AENOR through system of review of draft regulations (Opens in new window) thus contributing to its final form.

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