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The new eu regulation in services and electronic identification.

09 september 2014

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The regulation is an essential step towards a predictable regulatory framework for cross-border electronic interactions between companies, citizens and public administrations.

The rules of procedure, the text is available in the following link uri = uriserv% 3AOJ.L _ .2014.257.01.0073.01.ENG (Opens in new window) it was published on 28 august, and will enter into force on 17 september 2014, 20 days following its publication.


On the one hand, the regulation lays down conditions for mutual recognition of electronic identities among eu countries, ensuring that citizens and businesses to use their electronic identity credentials to access public services, and eventually deprived, in other european countries.


Moreover, is moving towards removing barriers to have a single market in electronic services, ensuring confidence that have the same validity than comparable on paper. It defines rules for such services, creating a new legal framework for electronic signatures, electronic seals, stamps, electronic documents, electronic delivery, and certified authentication services web sites.


The regulation envisages the development of a set of acts of implementation that developed, reflecting a phased implementation, which begins in the second half of 2016 with the new regime for the services of confidence, and culminates with the mutual recognition of cross-border electronic identities in the second half of 2018.

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