, which will facilitate the relationship of citizens with public administrations, as the gateway via the internet to public services. "/ >

PAe - launching the access point General,, gateway to public services
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Launch of the General access point,, gateway to public services

30 October 2014

El 29 de Octubre ha comenzado a funcionar el Punto de Acceso General, (Opens in new window) , which will facilitate the relationship of citizens with public administrations, as the gateway via the internet to public services.

  • Electronic procedures are already 78% of total processing of citizens with the General administration of the State.
  • El nuevo Punto de Acceso General, además de facilitar el acceso a los trámites por vía electrónica, orienta a los ciudadanos, centraliza la información, ofrece ayuda a los emprendedores, fomenta la participación ciudadana con más presencia en redes sociales y brinda una mayor disponibilidad de los buzones de sugerencias
  • Is prepared to incorporate the identification system Cl@ve of citizens before the administration and consulting their notifications through Notific@

The General access point is one of the measures driven by the commission for the reform of public administrations (CORA), with the aim of building the “virtual ” Service, so that citizens have a single entry point to access all the information necessary to initiate, process and conclude their administrative procedures, to obtain the necessary data to interact with the administration, fulfil its obligations and know their rights.

With this measure starts the end of the dispersion of services of public administrations, until now in different portals, gathers all the information about procedures and, from the point of General Access, it is already possible to have a virtually Administration operational and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Electronic processing
Through electronic administration, citizens performed in 2013 370.5 million electronic procedures (76%) compared to $117.7 million non-electronic procedures (24%). In 2014, in the first half, electronic procedures add 205 million (78.6%) compared to 55.7 million non-electronic procedures (21.4%).

Today, more than 4,300 formalities and public services to which can be accessed electronically produce significant savings, only in 2013 savings exceeded 16,600 million euros, among other reasons, according to the standard model of costs authorised by the HAT, because an electronic management costs an average of only 5 euros, compared to 80 euros a presencial procedure. And a notification costs €2.55 postcard, while a barely electronic notification costs €0.03.

New services in the General access point

  • The new portal, guide to the people in their relations with public administrations, providing the information and services available to them.
  • Helps companies and entrepreneurs, and channels through the Single Window services directive ( the alternatives that the administration offers for the creation of a company from the network.
  • Facilita el acceso al catálogo de procedimientos administrativos de la Administración General del Estado y de otras Administraciones Públicas, en función de la firma de convenios.
  • Fomenta en los ciudadanos la utilización de la tramitación electrónica al facilitar el acceso a los servicios electrónicos mediante una clasificación y ordenación por materias desde la perspectiva ciudadana.
  • Fomenta la participación de los ciudadanos con un aumento de la presencia en redes sociales y buzones de sugerencias y opinión.

El Punto de Acceso General también recogerá una carpeta ciudadana que incorporará, en su segunda fase, los siguientes servicios:

  • Integration with the same identification system of the General administration of the state: Cl@ve .
  • Consultation of communications and notifications received through the platform NOTIFIC@.
  • Las notificaciones por comparecencia ante la sede electrónica del punto de acceso general.

Moreover, this folder is ready to also, as resources allow, consult the status of files, remain, in this way, a true citizen folder.

Background and evolution

As background to the point of general access exists since the year 2006 the portal ( (Opens in new window) ) which offers information on electronic services and activity and organization of the AAPP.

The access point Large replaces the portal quoted and enter the following improvements:

  • Guides citizens in its relationship with the administration with patterns of events organised in aid / needs of citizens.
  • Contains assistance guides at events involving several steps and / or different administrations.
  • Allows access to all procedures and formalities of the AGE with information on the same, documentation required and access to the form provides general information on the organization of public administrations.
  • Enables the use of mobile applications of helps citizens (currently, search engine of offices and, soon, search engine of public employment and evidence of vocational training) available in the two main platforms (and me Android).
  • In employment public, besides subscriptions to invitations which can already be, will be available in a future communications and notifications by postal mail, through the platform Notific@; moreover, it allows the notifications by appearance in the electronic site General access point.

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