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Convened the united nations prize to public service.

30 october 2014

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These awards are the most prestigious international recognition for excellence in the public sector. Its aim is to reward the creative contributions from organizations dedicated to public service to improve the efficiency of public administration.

As is becoming traditional the un has convened the public service awards of the united nations by 2015.

Through an annual competition, the united nations prize to the public service seeks to promote the role, professionalism and visibility of the public service, and aims to discover new innovations in governance; motivate public servants to promote innovation; raise the image of public service; improve trust in government, and collect and share successful practices for possible replication between countries. This may lead to the following specific objectives:

  • Reward services to citizens and motivate public servants all over the world to maintain the momentum of innovation and public service delivery improvement.
  • Collect and disseminate successful practices and experiences in the civil service in order to support the efforts of improvement in the provision of public service.
  • Through the successful experiences, counteract any negative image of the public administration, improve the image and prestige of public officials and revitalize public administration as a noble discipline of development depends to a large extent.
  • Promote, encourage and facilitate networking among institutions and organizations relevant to the public administration and strengthening networks of the united nations programme on public administration and development, and...
  • Improving the professionalism in public service rewarding successful experiences in innovation and excellence in public service.

There are the following four categories of prizes:

  • Improving the provision of public services
  • To improve citizen participation in public decision-making through innovative mechanisms
  • Promotion of comprehensive government approaches in the information age
  • Promotion of gender-specific provision of public services

The deadline of 17 november 2014.
Autonominaciones are not allowed, so that you have to look for an organization that nomine to the organization presenting the project.

The nominations is always telematics web site at: (Opens in new window)

The guidelines for the submission of candidatures are available at: (Opens in new window)

Different spanish Public Administrations have gained in the past these prestigious awards in different categories

We encourage all spanish public administrations with projects that fit any of the categories to stand for this award as a means of effective and objective exposure, disseminate and reaprovechar their experience and knowledge sharing with other organizations of the world.

  • Electronic services
  • Open government