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Consular records processed electronically matters of nationality and marital status.

13 november 2014

The secure exchange of information between foreign affairs and justice will take place in just seconds to thank CORINTH of finance and Public administrations.

The ministry of finance and Public Administrations has put in place a new platform of so-called e-government, CORINTH (correspondence interadministrativa), with the intention to continue to eliminate the time, in the communication between governments, and by deleting the exchange of paper.

This application is already under way for the secure exchange of documentation electronically between Consular Civil Registry and the General conduct of the registry and notary on nationality and Marital status. In particular, will enable Consular Civil Registry, under the ministry of foreign affairs and cooperation, to send the files on nationality and Family status for the General conduct of the Registry and notary, the ministry of justice.

Electronic communications replaces the pouch in this process.

So far, sending the files are paper through pouch, with consequent associated cost and high time of delivery from consulates abroad. With the new application, and once digitized the file, it will be received in a matter of seconds in the Ministry of justice, which will begin immediately.

After the results of the pilot project on foreign affairs has decided that the General Consulate in Bogotá, Buenos Aires, new York and Santiago de Chile will use exclusively the platform CORINTH in its communications with justice and vice versa.

At the same time, work was begun on the gradual mainstreaming the use of the beijing platform for consular offices of San Francisco, Washington, Miami, Ángeles, Houston, Chicago, Boston, Monterrey, mexico, Guadalajara, Sao Paulo, Salvador de bahia, rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Caracas, bahía Blanca, Rosario, Lima, Quito, Cartagena de Indias, Montevideo, jerusalem, Alexandria, Dakar, Lagos, Bata, Tetouan, tangier, Rabat, Nador, Larache, Casablanca, Agadir, Montreal and Toronto.

The expected savings thanks to the implementation of this system is very important. Just savings not to use the diplomatic bag in the four consular offices incorporated into the system (Bogotá, Buenos Aires, new York and Santiago de Chile), will reach eur 11,700 anuales.Teniendo in mind that in the coming months provided for the gradual insertion of 36 consulates, the annual savings will be hundreds of thousands of euros Only in this concept.

In addition, the major beneficiaries of this plant are the citizens, who will see the processing times for your records, thanks to important savings of time for the exchange of documentation between administrations.

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