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The board of castile and León signing the convention Virtual registration office (ORVE) with the ministry of finance and Public Administrations

27 november 2014

The signing of the convention ORVE enables the electronic register without papers to all public administrations of castile and León, both regional and local levels.

By signing this convention on 24 november 2014 starts the implementation of the implementation ORVE in public administrations, which would enable castellano-leonesa dispatch and receipt of registration electronically through the network system of registers ( SIR ) which was a vast improvement in efficiency of service as the reception at destination is produced in seconds, and in cost savings estimated at over 3 euros per registered seat.

ORVE ', the administration without papers' because it allows scanning of the documentation of the citizen registration offices, applying the digitization at window with full legal validity. The files are sent electronically to the office of destination quickly, regardless of their geographical location or level of competent administration.

  • Interadministrativa cooperation
  • Infrastructure and common services
  • Centre for technology transfer