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The Digital Agenda mobilized nearly 1.1 billion euros in four years in technological modernization of public services, the consolidation of the TIC sector and improved connectivity in Galicia

30 May 2014

One of the axes of performance of the Digital Agenda is the technological modernization of public services. The modernization Plan of the autonomous administration is getting an administration open to citizens around the clock, 365 days of the year. The electronic site of the file already allows Xunta telematicamente over 600 procedures, with nearly 39% of the total.

In 2013 35 registrars were integrated into the Register Xunta Single, which accounted for more than 840,000 telematic entries, 40.6 per cent of the total documentation provided in the autonomous administration this year.

Interoperabilidade node, which allows the interconnection between systems of local administrations, autonomous and state consultations 322,000 recorded in 2013 and together with the Plan Reduces, which are already being reviewed 940 procedures, are allowing savings to citizenship in time and costs to avoid presenting in front of the administration that information already work in their systems.

In the 2013 is introduced a catalogue with 10 applications in mobility, as well as the 6,300 georeferenced information service centres Galician administration through the implementation eServizos portal Xunta. The end of 2013 the autonomous administration had 201 channels in social networks, almost 50% more than the previous year, with 415,000 followers.

The TIC in health, education and justice

Requires highlight the progress of the implementation of measures of the Digital Agenda in areas of great impact on the citizen as education, justice and health and welfare. So, thanks to the leadership in the use of the TIC Galicia was elected region of reference in active ageing by the European Association of Innovation in active and healthy ageing (EIP on AHA) and participates in the cons ­ part of the grouping KIC Gallaecia, for the joint bid to de Galicia KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Communities) of European envelle ­ cement active and healthy life.

Galicia is one of the Autonomous Communities leaders in the implantation of Electronic medical history, ereceita, systems of digital image and telemedicine. Some 98% of the recipes are processed electronically and 100% of primary care centres can access telemedicine. Furthermore 10.5 per cent of prior citations were by Internet, a system that in 2013 used the 26.8% of citizens.

In the field of justice, highlights the launch of the portal eXustiza, to facilitate the relationship of citizenship with judicial administration, the introduction of videoconferencing in 100% of courts and start the installation of recording systems with a digital signature in 15 rooms and the recording of 6,000 views with this system.

In the field of education, the project Aballar digitized over 2,000 classrooms and benefits some 45,000 learners. The EspazoAbalar, meeting point on the Internet between families, teachers and centres, told the late 2013 with 2,000 digital educational resources which made 2.6 million downloads. Furthermore, was launched abalarmóbil, which facilitates to families monitoring the educational activity from mobile devices.

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