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The electronic prescription will be introduced in all Rioja before the end of the year.

29 may 2014

The electronic prescription is based on the electronic medical records, fully operational system-wide health riojano.

The president of the government of La Rioja, Pedro Sanz, has announced that the introduction of an electronic prescription “ will be a reality throughout the community before the end of this year ”.

The main difference with the traditional system is that the patient will no longer be the recipe on paper, but following his visit to the doctor, will address the pharmacy and passing on their health card, you will see in the computer medication prescribed and you are following the guidelines established by the doctor.

In this way to avoid displacement to the health-care centres, and there is greater security to be minimized the mistakes of dispensation derived from the prerogative or difficulty to interpret the recipes. In Addition, once the project of the ministry of An Electronic Prescription of the national health system, patients will be able to take their medications in pharmacies in other communities.

For the administration the benefits will also be evident because it will improve the productivity of medical personnel and of the inspection of pharmacy (will increase the time of care for patients because it reduces the dedicated to complete recipes); and we will save costs (were around nearly 6 million recipes in paper a year).

The project is led by the ministry of health and social services, with the participation of the ministry of public administration and Finance through the directorate of TICs, and in collaboration with the ministry of health, social services and equality and the offices of pharmacy and the official college of Pharmacists.

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