PAe - report on the development of electronic administration in the General administration of the state
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Informe sobre el desarrollo de la administración electrónica en la Administración General del Estado

19 May 2014

The council of ministers has received a report of the finance minister and public administrations on electronic administration in the General administration of the state, reflecting its significant development in recent years.

16 May 2014.- The council of ministers has received a report of the finance minister and public administrations has submitted a report to the council of ministers on electronic administration in the General administration of the state, reflecting its significant development in recent years, through normative aspects, and the creation, updating and use of Internet accessible public services for citizens and businesses, as evidenced by the privileged situation that Spain has in europe and the various awards and decorations on national and international obtained.

The savings made by citizens and businesses during the years 2012 and 2013 by the use of electronic administration amount to a total of EUR 3.149.593.438, which are shown in the following table:

The report also highlights the benefits of electronic administration:

  • Open administration: available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Accessible administration: open doors, allows its use from anywhere; home, office, hotel, holiday destination, etc.
  • Effective administration: Reaches the 8.117 municipalities, breaks the digital divide between centre and periphery, and opens the door to the European union.
  • Quick service: electronic efforts that took 15 days to reach their destination, this is just a few seconds.
  • Efficient administration: A notification costs €2.55 postcard and a notification mail, 0.03 €. Saving is 2.52 euros in each.
  • Clean and green management: not to use or store them roles.
  • Safe administration: complies with the National security scheme, certified by the National PKIX Centre (CCN)

More than 2,500 formalities and telematic services are now available to citizens and companies, more than 95 percent of the total. Also, more than 40 million citizens have electronic certificate, mostly issued by certification service providers: Factory DNI-e and national Currency and Timbre-Real Mint.

Any citizen can make today tape or administrative procedures for Internet, securely, rapidly and without the need of displacement, generating significant savings:

  • An electronic management costs five euros, while a regular process, including displacements, time, efforts, etcetera costs eighty euros. Savings in each telematic procedure is 75 euros.
  • In the year 2013 presentació initiated procedures for citizens and businesses with the General administration of the state were 370.415.613, more than 70 percent of total tramitations.

It is estimated that the minimum saving in 2013, by using the electronic administration services, exceeds the sixteen billion euros.


Secretary of state of Public Administrations

  • Reduction of administrative burdens: in 2013 132 were revised policy and in this chapter savings for citizens and businesses were 1,854 2,246 millions and millions in 2013.
  • Brokerage platform of data, which seeks to avoid the request to the citizens of the documentation that already has the administration in its power, as well as repeated requests for documentation: the savings for use by citizens and businesses are estimated at 125 million in 2012 and in 152 billion in 2013.
  • Platform of electronic signature @firma, to validate automatically signatures and electronic dates: there have been between 2012 and 2013 more than 212 million validations. Are already attached 600 agencies of all administrations.
  • Notificaciones administrativas electrónicas, cambiando las clásicas notificaciones postales: han llegado a 850.000 por mes.
  • Interconnection of records of all public administrations.
  • General point of entry of electronic invoices (FACe).
  •  Punto de acceso general de la Administración General del Estado; unificación de teléfonos de atención al público.
  • Undertakes in 3, to create a company in three days.
  • Information system of the law of transparency.
  • Electronic system for the unity of market, with exchange of information between Public administrations.
  • Centralized management system of human resources.
  • Sara, telematic network and secure Single and shared for all public administrations.

Others from the finance ministry and public administrations

  • Electronic certificates of the national Currency Factory and bell, within the proceedings CORA, for the provision of certification services throughout the AGE; electronic cadastral certificates; communications of notaries and registrars to fill the obligation to declare the citizen, and free registry information

State Agency for tax administration

  • En IRPF se ha pasado de veintiún mil contribuyentes que declararon por internet en 1998 a más de doce millones en 2012; el PIN24H, un sistema de identificación y autenticación de la firma electrónica, que podrá ser usado por las personas físicas para relacionarse electrónicamente y ya hay cuatrocientos mil contribuyentes registrados; también, la presentación electrónica obligatoria para empresas y profesionales, sistemas telemáticos implantados, como la notificación electrónica obligatoria, la colaboración social o el registro de apoderamientos.

Improvements in the management of the TIC in the General administration of the state

  • Ministry of Presidency. The rationalization of the management of information technologies and communications (TICK) to promote improved productivity and efficiency in public services is one of the strategic objectives of CORA: savings by centralizing contracts, 3.5 million euros for the planning and centralization of the purchase of PCs throughout the administration, which represents a 28 percent discount on the autonomous management of files; 13.5 million euros per lengthening the useful life of the PCs, and 3.4 million euros for the purchase saving centralised in the main action of the operating system of the General administration of the state.
  • Unique Network of communications. Regarding the centralization of the recruitment of telecommunications of the General administration of the state, in a first phase will more than 200 contracts for twelve ministries and fifty-one agencies, unification that will enter into force on 1 January 2015, amb Accés Obert 280 million euros, calculated with zero based methodology.
  • Sistema único de identidad electrónica, para unificar sistemas de identificación y firma mediante claves concertadas en una única plataforma

Ministry of education, culture and sport

  • The management of scholarships of the ministry of education, culture and sport is a fully electronic procedure (zero role). In 2013 handled 1.1 million applications, more than seven million data exchanges between public administrations and eight hundred thousand resolutions reported in electronic site, which has been a direct saving 2.4 million euros.

Ministry of industry, energy and tourism

  • The whole processing of the ministry, essentially concerning aid grants and procedures are energy management and telecommunications, is exclusively electronics, with an annual management of several hundred thousand notifications and communications.

Ministry of employment and Social security

  • There were more than fifteen million reports of working life and thirteen million procedures in the appointment of central services.
  • Single Portal employment: In an advanced design, permit active employment policies and greater unifying the actions of General Administration of the state and autonomous communities. Foreign Mobility Portal: facilitates support and guidance to the search for employment and enterprise in other countries.
  • New framework for citizen's relationship with Social security, leading to minimize the need for the citizen go to the offices of Social security.
  • Cret@: project of the treasury of Social security, which will follow the management of quotations and benefits.
  • Youth guarantee: will be launched a system of management of the application in Spain of the European strategy for young people without jobs.

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