PAe - the transfer of the administrative procedures to the network saved over 16,000 billion euros in 2013
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El traslado de las gestiones administrativas a la red ahorró más de 16.000 millones de euros en 2013

08 May 2014

Más de 2.500 procedimientos administrativos y servicios públicos, casi un 96%, ya se gestionan de manera electrónica.

The Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations continues to adapt the efforts and competencies previously performed in a presencial way to an electronic format. Are increasingly procedures that they are now viewed.

The request an appointment to renew the passport or DNI, the statement of income, the application of scholarships, etc. Más de 2.500 procedimientos y servicios públicos, un 95% del total as can be accessed electronically. Besides the paper savings and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of procedures, this process of improvement enabled citizens and businesses save a total of 16.602.423.527 euros in 2013 , as estimated sources of the ministry. As calculated using the standard costs model of the European Union, make an online administrative procedure and not a presencial way saves on average around 75 euros per management .

Desde los cinco años que la Dirección General de Modernización Administriva, Procedimientos e Impulso de la Administración Electrónica lleva trabajando en este proceso, el 100% of citizens already requested an appointment for the issue and renewal of the passport and their benefits consultation on the network . However, the presentation of the statement of income is the procedure resisting the digital era. Only one 63.6% of citizens introduced the draft using electronic services. "There is still the temptation to print the documentation and bring to room", explains from the ministry.

« Electronic administration has to keep fighting the digital divide ', say sources of the ministry. And in this struggle not only monetary savings account. With the plan Undertakes in 3, the deadline for the creation of companies has been reduced from 41 days to only three. However, at the moment only 100 municipalities are attached to the project.

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