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European Elections 25M - Valladolid Indicators and used a system of tables Managed Electronically.

08 May 2014

310 polling stations in Valladolid and 324 polling stations in the city of Indicators will speed up the scrutiny and the electoral process.

Since its introduction pilot in 2009 have not been detected bugs or anomalies, in addition to allow a savings of between one hour and hour and a half the scheme of traditional vote counts

The city of Valladolid, along with those of Indicators and Barcelona , will be in the next European elections from 25 May with the so-called Tables system Managed Electronically (MAE), which will allow, with the use of new technologies, increase speed, reliability and transparency of counting, facilitating the work of all people involved in the process. "The pilot was well received in seven other cities in the European Parliament elections 2009, together with the local and General courts, both in 2011", as explained today the director-general of Internal policy, Christian Díaz.

The news sources:

ICAL agency (Opens in new window)

The Interior ministry: Submission system Indicators of tables Managed Electronically for the next European elections. (Opens in new window)

The Interior ministry: presentation in Valladolid Tables system Managed Electronically for the European elections. (Opens in new window)

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