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Álava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa sign their collaboration agreements for the exchange of information for tax purposes

18 March 2014

In the framework of mutual collaboration that must govern relations between tax administrations, chartered Haciendas reinforce their cooperation in the fight against fiscal fraud.

There have signed cooperation agreements between the three Basque candidates for the formalization of a stable system and mutual exchange of tax information in the exercise of their respective competences.

The object of these bilateral agreements between Haciendas of Chartered CAPV is to establish the conditions and procedures should govern mutual exchange of information, preserving, in any case, the rights of persons referred to in the same, as well as create a technical mechanism of communication in real time of the tax databases to strengthen the fight against fraud.

In this way, regulates the flow of information, establishing the content, regulating mechanisms and establishing the scope of information to share so that, in an orderly fashion, controlled, and automatically routed sailing information necessary for an effective tax management.

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