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The ministry of finance and Public Administrations and the university of Murcia present in the Future Internet Assembly 2014.

17 march 2014

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Participate in the workshop organized by the GEN6: project “ The transition to IPv6 in practice – The experiences of governments ”, on tuesday, 18 march, presenting a meeting on cross-border interoperability based IPv6 STORK

The Future Internet Assembly (Opens in new window) it welcomes the coming days, 17, 18, 19 and 20 march in athens, coinciding with the greek presidency. This is an event which brings together over 150 european projects oriented towards The future, which combines plenary meetings and workshops with a presentation where you can see different technologies, applications, systems and innovative solutions.

The GEN6 project (Opens in new window) organizer of the workshop, and involving the ministry of finance and public administrations, the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism, and the university of Murcia, aims to promote the deployment of IPv6 in europe, through the implementation of a number of pioneering experiences of transition to IPv6 in public administrations of different countries, and its dissemination in the european Union.

During the meeting submitted by the ministry and the university, we will describe the motivations and challenges for the deployment of cross-border services of electronic administration IPv6, using as a basis the european platform of cross-border recognition of electronic identities developed in the project STORK .

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More information on the transition to IPv6 in spain

PDF Brochure: IPv6 Spanish Pilot - eGovernment Services with IPv6 (Opens in new window)

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