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The european parliament has delivered its first approval to the future directive.

05 march 2014

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According to the text as adopted, the future directive of accessibility will affect all web sites administered or financed by public and also to web sites operated by the private sector but perform public services.

The proposal for a european parliament and council directive on the accessibility of web sites of public sector and web sites operated by entities that perform public tasks had been treated in the plenary session of the european parliament last 26-2-2014. It has proceeded to its adoption by 593 votes to 40 against with 13 abstentions. This vote constitutes the first reading position of the european parliament that the council of ministers may accept or adopt its own position for subsequent discussion in parliament.

The version adopted by parliament is an approach more ambitious than the initial commission proposal as it requires member states that all its public website accessible instead of the list of 12 categories as originally proposed. In Addition, parliament wants these accessibility standards apply to sites which are operated by private entities but that perform public tasks such as the provision of gas, electricity, water, transport, health, education, etc. Contains an exception for micro-pymes (less than 12 employees).

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