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Finance and Public Administrations simplifies the appointment of agents or representatives in administrative processing

05 June 2014

The secretariat of state of public administrations and the General council of Notaries signed a collaboration agreement that allows the administration consultation telematics notary public documents and their revocations grabbing the electronic registration of Representatives (REA).

Under this agreement, the General council of Notaries, through ANCERT (the notarized Certification Agency), inform the electronic registration of Representatives (REA), at the request of the General administration of the state or any of its agencies, the capacity to act as a citizen on behalf of another (natural or legal person), as its representative or as manager of society.

This will be forwarded an electronic copy of the writing of hijacking accompanied by a fact sheet, which shall record the identification data of the notarized document, the principal and the proxy and the powers granted. In such a copy, it will include a sure verification code (CSV) for any administrative agency can access the system of consultation and know if the power remains and has not been revoked wholly or partially.

Consequently, citizens can initiate administrative proceedings (electronically or presencial) on behalf of other natural or legal persons, without the need to make a genuine copy of the power of attorney, but providing the verification code sure associated with the notarized document. The Administration, from this CSV, and accessing the service enabled by this covenant, you can access the digitized copy of power, while checking in real time the livelihoods of authority.

In conclusion, through this referral system telematics notary public documents and their revocations grabbing the electronic registration of Representatives, avoiding the citizen repeated reporting notarial scripts and its references in each performance before the administration, and give greater legal certainty to the processing of administrative procedures.

More information about the solution: REA

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