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The government of Extremadura releases the code of the solution SAID

27 june 2014

SAID is a development tool based rapid CakePHP2

SAID web applications, providing aid and multiple features to greatly reduce the effort and time of a development project, as well as eventual cost of maintenance.

A project developed with SAID will typically a structure with three distinct parts: CakePHP2 libraries, archives of files and SAID that developed the project.

Some features are available in SAID for use by the applications that it develop are: authentication, management, management of users and groups, audit, management of access menus, management of messages between users, automatic generation of full maintenance from a table, simple searches and advanced filters, connections to MySQL databases and Oracle, generation of automatic modules for further dynamic host configuration, etc. In Addition, since it is based on the pattern of Model design View Controller (MVC) offers all its advantages.

SAID represents a starting point to the development of applications, a higher echelon to work from to reach the ultimate goal of a turnkey project. Released its source code in an effort to assist developers in PHP, so that all can continue to adapt, improve and expand the solution, either for their own use, either to make it available to others.

The SAID sources have been released with license MIT - X11 Licence to enable host public administrations evolution or customize the product.

The source code and installation instructions are available through the SAID project in the forging of the PTT:


More information on the CTT SAID

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