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Starts the information campaign on electronic invoicing

13 June 2014

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Starting on 15 January 2015, companies should check to the General administration of the state through a single digital platform: FACe. Replacing traditional invoices for electronic implies a savings in time of 80% and 3.48 euros per unit. Local administrations and autonomist free can join the General point of Entry electronic invoices.

To promote this measure and help companies to be prepared, the government launched on 12 June 2014 the publicity campaign on electronic invoices, with a briefing at the headquarters of the chamber of commerce of Madrid, which have seen many entrepreneurs in the region. The meeting has enjoyed the participation of the general manager of Law, Emperor Cesar Miralles; the director-general of Administrative Modernisation, procedures and Momentum of E-government, maría Arizmendi Ester, and the committee chairman of Innovation and new technologies of the chamber of commerce of Madrid, D. Alfonso Carcasona, among others.

During the meeting, attendees have had access to various training resources and have been able to understand the operation of General point of entry of Electronic Invoices (FACe). In the past year, suppliers of the General administration of the state (AGE) processed approximately two million invoices. Starting next year, all should go through the FACe, which are also being incorporated numerous local, regional and autonomous. The MINHAP offers the tool for free.

Advantages of electronic invoice

The implantation of electronic invoices offers clear advantages economic and management. On the one hand, are shrinking processing cycles, including the collection and eliminates the costs of paper, printing and mailing, with consequent benefits for the environment. In addition, it provides a faster access and easy to invoices stored, drastically reduces file space that requires storage and improving customer service. Other added benefits are that facilitates the fight against fraud; includes the billing process in the computer systems business, improve their management, and, above all, contributes to the modernisation of the economy and the development of the information society.

In this sense, the Danish government undertook a study in 2003 pre-implantation of electronic invoices, which ruled that It makes possible an 80% reduction in processing times. In the case of paper, each invoice implies a working time of 17 minutes, while the electronic format reduces the period only 3 minutes, and that in case the process has not been automated. The savings by electronic invoices, as defined in the Plan MOVES, are also considerable and can be estimated at 3.48 euros per unit. Are distributed in 0.70 euros for the issuer 2.78 and receiving administration.

FACe, the single point of invoicing

Todas las facturas que se presenten a la AGE se tramitarán únicamente a través del Punto General de Entrada de Facturas Electrónicas (FACe), una plataforma ‘online’ que permite presentar cargos ante cualquier órgano estatal y ante las múltiples administraciones regionales y locales que se están adhiriendo a este sistema.

Besides the shipment, the digital platform allows companies to consult the state of their bills, locate codes of identification of the recipient, get help and download the free software program that facilitates the automatic connection with FACe.

Information campaign of electronic invoice for companies

The launch of the General Point of entry for Electronic Invoices is accompanied by a publicity campaign that, besides other days aimed at companies, will involve the distribution of leaflets of FACe by different points of the country, as well as the dissemination of a video tutorial and an informative video on electronic invoice.

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