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The information campaign on invoicing

13 june 2014

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From 15 january 2015, the companies should check to the General administration of the state through a single digital platform: FACe. The replacement of traditional invoices by electronic means a saving in time of the 80 per cent and 3.48 per vessel. The local and regional administrationss can join free of charge to the General Point of Entry of electronic invoices.

To promote this and to assist businesses to be prepared, the government had launched on 12 june 2014 the dissemination campaign on invoice, with a briefing at the headquarters of the chamber of commerce in Madrid, which has assisted many entrepreneurs in the region. The meeting was attended by the director-general of Registrar, César Miralles; the director-general, Administrative Procedures and Momentum of E-government, María Ester Arizmendi, and the president of the commission of Innovation and new technologies of the chamber of commerce of Madrid, D. Alfonso Carcassonne, among others.

During the meeting, attendees have had access to various training and resources have been able to indicate how the General Point of Entry of electronic invoices (FACe). Last year, the suppliers of the General state administration (AGE) processed nearly $2 million of invoices. From the beginning of next year, must serve all the FACe, which are also being incorporated numerous local, regional and regional administrationss. The tool MINHAP offers free of charge.

Advantages of the invoice

The introduction of an invoice offers clear economic benefits and management. On the one hand, are becoming shorter cycles of processing, including the collection, and are the costs of paper, printing and mailing, for the benefit of the environment. In addition, it facilitates access to more rapid and easy to invoices stored decreases dramatically archive space required for the storage and improve customer service. Other benefits are added to facilitate the fight against fraud; it includes the billing process into computer systems, improving its management, and, above all, helping to modernize the economy and development of the information society.

In this regard, the danish government carried out in 2003 a study leading to the implementation of the invoice, which identified this makes it possible to an 80% reduction in processing times. In the case of the role, each invoice implies a working time of 17 minutes, while the electronic format intended to reduce the time just 3 minutes, and that if the process has not been automated. Savings by invoice, as contained in the Plan AVANZA, are also considerable and it may be estimated 3.48 per vessel. Were distributed at eur 0.70 issuer 2.78 and for receiving administration.

FACe, the billing Only

All invoices submitted to the AGE would be dealt with Only through the General Point of Entry of electronic invoices (FACe), a platform ‘ online ’ scope to submit charges before any government body and to the many regional and local authorities that they are adhering to this system.

In addition to the shipment, the digital platform allows firms to check their invoices, locate the identity of the recipient organization, get help and download the free software that facilitates the automatic connection to FACe.

Information campaign of an invoice for companies

The implementation of the General Point of Entry of Invoicing is accompanied by a dissemination campaign that, in addition to other conferences aimed at enterprises, will involve the distribution of information leaflets on FACe by different points of the country, as well as the dissemination of a video tutorial and a video informative on invoice.

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