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Updated Digital Communication to the General state administration

08 july 2014

Modified the papers of multilingualism and Institutional Image and published a new booklet on Electronic Documents and Ofimáticos.

The fascicle of Multilingualism (Opens in new window) it has been modified to permit the identification of the official language language by its name, in addition to option previously envisaged to put the word Welcome in the different languages.

The fascicle Institutional image (Opens in new window) changes in paragraph 2.5. Coexistence of institutional campaigns: logo with the image of two ministerial departments, indicating that the institutional campaigns where they are two or more, Ministerial Departments, the logo will be made using the term “ government of Spain ”, not including the name of the Ministerial departments.

The new fascicle on Electronic Documents and Ofimáticos (Opens in new window) it may be regarded as complementary to 2: Fascicle Institutional image of this guide Digital communication and apply to electronic documents and ofimáticos made in the area of the General state administration (AGE).

The extension of the institutional profile to electronic documents and ofimáticos made in the area of the General state administration, is one of the measures contained in the report adopted by the commission for public administrative reform (CORA) and aims to put an end to the dispersion existing Institutional Image within the AGE in those media documentaries in which it has been a free interpretation of the elements of Institutional Image that are of mandatory application or recommended.

This was also motivated by a desire to improve the quality of the documents made available to citizens and other public administrations and foreign nationals, as well as strengthening their official capacity. Therefore, these recommendations will apply to all documents.