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New technical note OBSAE. The spaniard in GEN6 project

07 july 2014


At the increasing shortage of IPv4 addresses the public administrations must play a catalytic role of the transition to the new Internet protocol IPv6.

In this regard, the government approved, the council of ministers of 29 april 2011, the “ Capacity-building Plan for mainstreaming IPv6 in spain (Opens in new window) ”.

In that plan, the ministry of finance and Public Administrations (MINHAP) is entrusted with the momentum of the incorporation of IPv6 in the field of public administrations, in parallel to the actions that the ministry of industry, energy and tourism (MINETUR) activities to promote the transition to the new protocol between citizens and businesses.

That is why MINHAP, through the directorate of Administrative Procedures, and encouraging the E-government, together with the MINETUR and Universidad de Murcia, involved as partners spaniards in the european project GEN6 (Opens in new window) (Governments Enabled with IPv6), an initiative co-financed by the eu, within the framework of the programme of support for policies of information and communications from the competitiveness and innovation programme (CIP), whose aim is to drive the deployment of IPv6 in europe, through the implementation of a number of pioneering experiences of transition to IPv6 in public administrations of different countries and its dissemination in the european union, and that is running between 2012 and 2015.

You can consult the new technical note OBSAE: for more information.

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