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La Rioja introduced the new service ‘ BOR à la carte ’

18 february 2014

The counsellor of Chair and justice, accompanied by the under-secretary-General of the Technical Department of justice, has presented the new service ‘ BOR à la carte ’ receiving in the e-mail alerts on topics of interest to the citizen.

"BOR à la carte" allows receive by email the most diverse content, such as solicitation of bids, subsidies or grants, scholarships, letters of services, public personal competitions or conventions, courses, environmental impact statements, appointments and dismissals of senior officials, fundamental standards of La Rioja, opposition, prizes, founding records or judgements.

The counsellor of Chair and justice has explained that in order to implement this new service, “ changes in the website of the BOR including a link to the ‘ BOR à la carte ’, where the citizen will find further steps to subscribe ”.

Moreover, it noted that “ the website of the BOR is one of the most used in the domain with 9.917.757 visits in 2013 while in 2012 received 5.958.881 visits ”. It has also noted that the BOR have an account on twitter, @lariojaBOR, since 5 february and already has 210 followers.

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