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The community of Madrid is submitting the application Agent SC - settlement of interoperability for municipalities.

13 february 2014

This new tool will allow municipalities a more direct access to administrative services. In Addition joins other existing and draft draft GEMA or MUNICIP@ for the construction of virtual portals and telematic managers.

The assistant of justice and public administrations of the community of Madrid, Elena González-moñux, has chaired the day ‘ Agent SC: settlement of interoperability for municipalities ’ organized by the Chamber of commerce in Madrid.

The goal of this day has been to make this new tool that will allow municipalities in the region a homogeneous and services of the various Public administrations. This is an application that greatly simplifies formalities and involves important benefits and advantages of savings in time and costs for own consistorios and for citizens.

This new tool joins others developed by the community of Madrid, or through the cooperation with the Local administration, to provide the municipalities of applications of management accounting, budgetary management, collection, management administrative files, registry, cartography and file as is the case of the project gem, or the project MUNICIP@ for the construction of virtual portals and telematic managers.

The project GEMA is installed in all municipalities in the region, with the exception of Madrid city, and 64 local entities dependent on them. Through it provide applications to facilitate budgetary management, collection, accountancy, administrative files, registry, cartography and file. Also, make available the necessary support, such as email accounts, computers and printers, as well as training courses and mentoring necessary for its Optimal operation.

In the case of MUNICIP@ project has enabled the construction of virtual portals and management procedures telematics 104 municipalities with fewer than 20,000 inhabitants.

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