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Half a million citizens benefited in 2013 of the electronic legal aid

10 february 2014

A total of 524.487 citizens took advantage of in 2013 the advantages of the Electronic Record of Free Legal Aid, an increase of 41 per cent over the previous year.

This tool developed by la abogacía española and made available to legal aid commissions state or regional Free provides a significant acceleration of access to a fundamental right of citizens as is the Free Legal Aid, facilitating their procedures, at the same time is also cost effective for the administration.

The electronic brief of Free Justice collects safely and automatically documents required to justify the request of the right to free legal aid, it brings transparency in management, removes the mistakes of the administrative file and reduces the economic cost and lead times by up to 40 days.

The system developed by the technological infrastructure de la abogacía española, Redabogacía, already connects almost 70 bar associations on-line, simple and with institutions such as tax authority, the national Social security institute and its Treasury, the General direction of the cadastre or the national employment institute, also with autonomous communities with competences in Justice.

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